Book safes designed to hold firearms or other large, heavy objects. Our gun book safes differ from our standard book safes in two ways:

  1. A 24% larger interior cavity necessary to store larger items like firearms
  2. A 2x stronger magnetic closure. Our gun safes have a magnetic pull force of over 6 pounds. This should keep their contents from coming out should the safe fall off a night stand, for example. Small children will also have a harder time opening it*

Unlike most gun book safes on the market with gun-shaped cutouts, our rectangular cutouts allow plenty of room for a gun, extra magazines, and other items. Since they are not cut to any specific gun shape, they can be used for purposes other than storing guns, and switching out different guns is no problem. Most importantly, they allow one easy access to their firearm, since one does not have to stick their fingers in the small and indiscriminately-placed finger holes typical of these safes (try doing this in the dark with an intruder in your home).