Real-Book Cash Box with Magnetic Closure (Titles Vary)

Hide your cash in this handmade book safe designed to hold U.S. currency. Each diversion safe is made from a used book so it will blend in nicely with the other books on your bookshelf.


• Hollowed out from a real hardcover book with original dust jacket

• Each book safe has a unique title and holds a minimum of 100 U.S. bills

• Magnetic closure prevents your cash from falling out

• The first few pages are left uncut to appear like an ordinary book if opened by a thief

• Interior cavity bound with multiple coats of an archival-quality bookbinding adhesive to ensure its sturdiness for generations to come

• Appears like a normal book with natural page edges when closed (no glue on outside)

• Handcrafted in the USA

• Interior cavity dimensions: 6.2 x 2.69 inches (thickness varies by title, but will be no less than 0.5 inches to hold a minimum of 100 bills)

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