Alice "Drink Me" Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (Leather-bound) (Flask Included)

At one point early in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice finds a glass bottle with a paper label tied around it with the words "DRINK ME" printed on it. Alice wonders if it is safe to drink, as she thinks to herself, "If you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison,' it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later. However, this bottle was not marked 'poison,' so Alice ventured to taste it, and, finding it very nice... she very soon finished it off."

This leatherbound book has been hollowed out to precisely fit an 8.5 ounce Italian-made pocket flask. The book is readable up to page 20 (which includes the part about the "Drink Me" potion). A strong magnetic closure keeps the flask from unintentionally coming out. Add custom etching to the flask to make a wonderful gift!


• Book features an exquisitely designed bonded-leather binding, distinctive gilt edging, and a silk-ribbon bookmark

• Beautiful and functional, the book acts as a protective case for the flask, and its strong magnetic closure will prevent the flask from unintentionally coming out or breaking -- even if the book is dropped from height (a prototype filled with glassware survived a drop test from a height of 10 feet on solid concrete)

• Includes new 8.5 oz. Italian-made glass pocket flask with optional custom etching

• Precise cutout ensures flask wedges snugly in book without rattling

• Pocket flask features a seal tight swing top, which creates a hermetic leak-proof seal

• "DRINK ME" tag included

• Hollow book constructed entirely with acid-free archival adhesives, which means it will not yellow or discolor over time

• Hand cut from a real leather-bound book with original endpapers

• Appears like a normal book with natural page edges when closed

• Book dimensions: approximately 9.4 x 6.64 x 2.39 inches

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